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Client Services

If you or someone you know is currently receiving treatment for cancer we may be able to assist with some everyday tasks and finances.   We offer things such as: gas and grocery cards, meals, simple home fixes, pet siting or placement, basic bookkeeping, family photos, in home adult care, wigs, dolls for children going thru treatment, and more.  The items and services are offered by our Purple Providers.  These businesses and people have committed time and resources to aid those being treated and their care givers.

The services are not long term.  There is an application and proof of treatment requirement.  ALL information is kept confidential unless you the client would like to share so that others are aware of what we can assist with.  We have members who are  survivors and willing to lend an ear as well as a helping hand.  Please contact us via email at liverudegirlselko@gmail.com or call 777-3203 or stop by 185 Tenth St., Elko, NV.  Our care and services are limited to the Elko County area at this time. Please share this information and volunteer with us in giving HOPE!