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Contribute by Cash or Check

Cash and check contributions are always accepted! Call or visit your local LIVE RUDE GIRLS ltd. office to ensure the Cancer Client, Soldier, event, or in loving memory of person receives credit.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match the money you raise or contribute to fight cancer, or fund local care and assistance, often dollar for dollar. To find out if your employer offers a matching gift program check with your human resources department.

Some companies, small businesses, and individual contribute items or services for use in our fund raising or assisting those in our programs.

Volunteer or Contribute
We have three programs to fit your abilities, level of contribution and volunteering, as well as type of participation.
LIVE RUDE GIRLS / P.E.G.G.I.’s / LRGB’s are the working volunteers who run events and hit the streets asking for your contributions as well as create awareness.

Purple Providers are individuals and businesses that donate goods and services to our cancer clients, their care givers.

O.P.P.S. Elko, NV,  focuses on our Troops providing goods to deployed troops and creating awareness in our community by volunteering at patriotic events and with Veteran organizations. Plus Supporting and Honoring our First Responders, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers and giving Hope to their families. Read more about these in this web page or stop by our office.

Contribute NOW by clicking this button. Thank you!