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2011 Three girls sitting in a bar were talking about all the commercials about breast cancer and getting a mammogram.  We joked and asked “have you touched yourself?” None of us had insurance or the funds to get a mammogram.  We did have a passion to help those we felt needed it more than we did.  In two weeks we held our first fund raiser and contributed $2576.12 to local mammogram assistance.  Later we held a fund raiser for the National League of P.O.W. * M.I. A. families and raised Ten Thousand dollars.  So our legacy began with our support man ( P.E.G.G.I.) always at our beckon call.

2014 we went from hosting one simple event to doing over eight events.  These garnered us attention and helped spread awareness within our community.

2015 we became a Nevada NON-profit organization.  We had more members and volunteers along with survivors of different types of cancer.  The insight of our survivors helped us branch out into providing more than just mammogram assistance.  We started our client services program with much needed gas and grocery cards.  Elko is 250 miles from the nearest treatment so these are vital.  We always say don’t just set the bar, raise it!

2016 we kicked off our Purple Provider program.  The program allows for people and businesses to give as much, or as little, as they can in services and funds.  These services are for the cancer clients and their care givers.  As one Purple Provider said that while she is in banking, as a care giver she just could not sit down and make herself write the checks to pay the bills or balance the check book.  Her service as a Purple Provider is to do that for anyone who wants that service.  We have hair dressers who have given hair cuts for those receiving treatment who don’t want to watch all their hair fall out.  We have a photographer who will take the family photo, touch it up, before the loss of the loved one.  Many have had to give up a family pet because boarding or kenneling while they are gone for 3-5 days during treatment was too costly.  We have a couple of Purple Providers who will assist with pet care.  One of our Purple Providers is already a volunteer firefighter so he donates a gas card every month.  We have a lovely busy realtor whose Purple Provider pledge is $50 for every home she closes on and her goal is to convince other realtors to do the same.  There are more and we are signing up others every day.

Some of our Purple Providers are more focused on our Operation Gratitude program.  They provide items and funds for shipping care packages to deployed soldiers.  They support our Flags for Heroes and other service and awareness events that focus on not just our troops of past, present and future but our: First Responders, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers, and other service personnel.

Are you interested in making history by Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken. . . and never, ever giving up HOPE. . . then volunteer with us today or contribute in any way you can.

Thank you for taking an interest!